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“With all my love, Thank you”: Charlene of Monaco shares a surprise video full of hope for Christmas


For Christmas and the end of the year, Charlene of Monaco has sent a beautiful message of hope through her foundation, which works for children by transmitting values such as solidarity, especially through sports.

The year 2021 will not have been easy for Charlene of Monaco. However, it is full of hope that she is getting ready to move on to 2022. For many months, the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco remained away from the Rock after being stuck in South Africa because of an ENT problem. Returning last November, she would have then taken the road to Switzerland for a “therapeutic retreat” according to her husband. But from where she is, she does not forget to send many messages to her subscribers, especially through her foundation, as she did on Christmas Eve, Friday, December 24.

Charlene of Monaco thus took to her Instagram account to share an unexpected video, in which she details the actions of her foundation, which works for children, particularly through sports. “The feeling of giving, helping and saving lives is what makes my foundation so special,” thus wrote in caption the princess, who wanted to thank all the volunteers, but also, the generous donors, whose donations “allow [the foundation] to grow stronger and stronger.” “I hope that this Christmas will bring happiness in all its aspects, as well as love throughout the season. May God bless each and every one of you endlessly,” added James and Gabriella’s mother, who concluded: “With all my love, thank you”.

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