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When Charlene of Monaco wanted to meet Prince Harry at all costs

There are encounters that leave an indelible memory. Princess Charlene has not forgotten the one with Prince Harry in July 2010, a man whose qualities she praised.

In an interview with the British magazine Tatler in November 2010, Charlene of Monaco returned to her meeting with Prince Harry. The two met at a polo match in July 2010, a few months before the wedding of the former champion swimmer and Prince Albert II. “He’s an incredible young man,” she said of the Duke of Sussex before adding, “I really hope I can get to know him better.” In 2016, they actually attended a rugby match side by side. It must be said that on the Rock, Princess Charlene has had a hard time creating real friendships.

By sharing her life with Prince Albert, Charlene made the choice to move away from her native country, South Africa, to the principality of Monaco. Four years after her move to the Rock, the former swimmer was still having trouble adjusting to her new royal life. “The people I met in Monaco had nothing to do with my South African mentality or humor,” she told our colleagues. Admitting to having been the object of “jealousy”, Princess Charlene confided that she only had “two friends” in Monaco.

Princess Charlene “often sad”

A homesickness that has not left the wife of Prince Albert. “People are very quick to say, ‘Oh, why isn’t she smiling in the pictures?’ Well, sometimes it’s very hard to smile. They don’t know what’s going on in the background,” James and Gabriella’s mother told South African magazine Huisgenoot in 2019. That year, the Monegasque princess had to deal with the deaths of two friends, as well as her father’s surgery in South Africa. “I am privileged to have this life, but I miss my family and friends in South Africa and I am often sad because I can’t always be there for them,” she lamented.

Only a few days after her return from South Africa last month, James and Gabriella’s mom flew to an undisclosed destination. It seems that the 43-year-old princess has put her bags in a specialized establishment in Switzerland, to continue a treatment.

Photo credits : Denis Guignebourg / Bestimage

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