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What happens to Daniel Ducruet, Stéphanie de Monaco’s ex?


Stephanie of Monaco celebrates this February 1 her 57th birthday. The opportunity to know what becomes Daniel Ducruet, her ex-husband and father of her children Pauline and Louis.

On the Rock, she has always been the rebellious and modern princess. And Stephanie of Monaco proves it once again by cultivating around her a happy blended family, even if it took some time for the two former lovers to repair a bond damaged by a scandalous breakup. On the occasion of her 57th birthday, this Tuesday, February 1, return on what became her ex-husband Daniel Ducruet, the father of her two eldest children Louis and Pauline.

It was in 1992 that Stephanie of Monaco fell under the spell of her bodyguard then. The beginning of a crazy passion between the princess and the one who has just become a father. Everything goes very fast between the two lovebirds. A few months later, they welcomed their first child, Louis – who was only ten months older than Daniel Ducruet’s son Michael – and two years later Pauline was born. The couple finally got married in 1995 but their union was short-lived. In August 1996, the tabloid press reveals the affair of Daniel Ducruet with Fili Houteman, a Belgian stripper. The divorce is pronounced a few months later.


The happiness of Daniel Ducruet after the scandal

This separation is the beginning of a certain drift for Daniel Ducruet. The former bodyguard gropes. He tries to launch himself in the song without success. Then, in 2005, he participates in the reality show La Ferme Célébrités on TF1. Three years later, he is back in the news for less glorious reasons. After a fight in a bar, the ex-husband of Stephanie of Monaco is in court and gets a ten-month suspended sentence.

An electroshock? Far from the scandals, he runs since happy days. Daniel Ducruet found love again with Kelly Marie Lancien, whom he married in 2018 after eight years of relationship and with whom he has a little girl named Linoué. He later made his return to television in the show Un Dîner Presque Parfait in 2021.

Today, Daniel Ducruet is on very good terms with Stephanie of Monaco. “We remain a family. Even if the children are grown, we continue to celebrate birthdays together,” he assured us in 2018. Because, despite their separation, the former couple has done everything to ensure that their children born of their different love stories are raised as one family: “This is one of my great pride. There is a real brotherhood between them.

And by the way, don’t talk to them about half-brothers or half-sisters, they are brothers and sisters, period! A small blended family that meets regularly, as for the wedding of Louis Ducruet in July 2019. Or in February 2020, when Stephanie of Monaco invited her ex-husband to a party at the 44 th International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo. They found the key to family happiness.

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