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“They’re doing pretty well”: How Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco react to Charlene’s health problems

Due to health issues, Charlene of Monaco is currently in a facility outside of Monaco. While her children, Jacques and Gabriella, have seen very little of their mother over the past eight months, Albert of Monaco revealed how they are reacting to her health issues.

He assured that his children are fine! After spending eight months in South Africa, Charlene of Monaco made her return to the Rock. If her children, Jacques and Gabriella were happy to find their mother, the reunion was short-lived. Indeed, the wife of Prince Albert, unwell, is currently being treated in an institution outside Monaco. Assuring that his children understood the situation, Prince Albert revealed in an interview with Paris Match: “They are doing quite well. Of course, they miss their mother. But they have reacted well. They understand that their mother needs to rest to better find them. They support her in her convalescence by sending her a lot of love. They also know that they will have messages from her very soon and that we will go to see her as soon as it is possible.”

After assuring that he was as present as possible for his children, Prince Albert confided: “What makes things easier is that James and Gabriella are now attending school at the palace. They had started their school year in François-d’Assise-Nicolas-Barré on the Rock, where they would have gone if the situation was normal. We have since set up a small relocated classroom for them. They are not alone there because four of their classmates, two boys and two girls, have joined them there with the same teachers as if they were in their institution.” Finally, Charlene of Monaco’s husband added, “They were already confined to the palace last year, at the height of the health crisis. We took, with Princess Charlene, this decision to adapt this device in a larger room, which can accommodate six children, when we understood that the situation would continue. The space is set up like a normal classroom, overlooking the garden. It’s a nice setting for their younger years.”

Prince Albert: They knew she was tired

A few days earlier, it was in the columns of People magazine that Prince Albert had expressed himself. Referring to his children, he explained: “They knew she was tired. That she was not quite herself. And then I told them that she needed time to rest, that she is now somewhere not too far away and that we can go see her one day. They understood. They know that she will talk to them very soon. They miss her, of course, but they understand. Kids at that age, they understand.”

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