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Stéphanie of Monaco: When her daughter Camille Gottlieb plays Kate Middleton

The day after the national holiday of Monaco, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco, Camille Gottlieb posted in Instagram story a photo of her where she compares her look to that of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

Camille Gottlieb continues her metamorphosis. “No!!! I’m not sick, I just lost a lot of weight since last summer. I’m doing very well,” she had explained, in order to reassure, in a story posted on Instagram last August. Because, for several months, the daughter of Stephanie of Monaco and her former bodyguard, Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, displays a new figure much thinner than the one we knew in recent years. And proud of her look, she competes with all the influencers of her generation in glamorous postures and lascivious poses, while keeping the sobriety of the greatest royal stars when necessary. In the absence of Charlene of Monaco, it was necessary to give the change to the national holiday of Monaco this Friday, November 19, and the 23-year-old was not left behind.

Camille Gottlieb, se comparant à Kate Middleton dans une jolie tenue noire qu'elle a portée lors de la fête nationale monégasque le 19 novembre 2021

“Kate Middleton mode on (Kate Middleton mode on, ed.),” she wrote in an Instagram story posted on Saturday, November 20, where she shared a photo of herself in the beautiful black coat she was wearing. With her hat just as dark, Camille Gottlieb had a sober and elegant style worthy of the Duchess of Cambridge. But it is in Monaco that she made a sensation. This coloring distinguished her from her mother, Princess Stephanie, who had opted for lighter colors, with a blue coat. Her half-sister, Pauline Ducruet, had, on the other hand, opted for red. Very different styles for a complete color palette and a family delighted to meet again.

Back in Monaco after a stay in Dubai

More reserved, his half-brother Louis Ducruet and his wife Marie, had bet on a black couple look, coordinated. A few days earlier, the couple was still on vacation with Camille Gottlieb in Dubai. A trip to the desert, a ride on a camel and a visit to the World Expo 2020 had punctuated this family trip. If her brother Louis Ducret is already married, Camille Gottlieb is still “a heart to be taken”. This is at least what she said, still on Instagram, last July. “I am neither in a relationship, nor engaged, and even less married,” she had explained. Even if we imagine that the list of suitors must not stop growing, for a princess so charming …

Photo credits : Bruno Bebert / Dominique jacovides / Bestimage

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