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Stephanie of Monaco, too many nauseating rumors, her words to Charlene placed in isolation

An advice that Stephanie of Monaco would have delivered to her sister-in-law, Charlene of Monaco, treated abroad for moral and physical fatigue, is specified.

The magazine “Gala” returns to the complicity between Princess Charlene of Monaco and her sister-in-law, Stephanie of Monaco, presented one of its greatest supporters at the Palace. The magazine “Voici” already had this to say.

For the occasion, the confidences of Stephanie of Monaco, who has also faced many trials in the past, including the infidelity of the father of her elders, were repeated.

“I recognize myself in the pain (People) because I myself have been a living target, hurt by the look of others, a look loaded with misplaced pity,” she said.

It is for this reason that Pauline Ducruet’s mother has been led to distance herself and refuse to be a fairy tale princess.
Just like Charlene of Monaco, she needed to get away from the Rock to live her life.

For months, Princess Stephanie had isolated herself in a resort in the Alpes-Maritime.
The sister of Prince Albert of Monaco may have slipped into the ears of Charlene of Monaco weakened advice given by his mother, Princess Grace.
This advice is specified: “Be true to yourself”.
“These words, which still swell her heart, did she slip them into Charlene’s ear, as if to console her from too many more or less nauseating rumors?

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