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Stephanie of Monaco: Out with her daughter Camille Gottlieb for a poignant event


Like mother, like daughter. Complicit and having the same values, Stéphanie of Monaco and her daughter Camille Gottlieb showed their support to the AIDS victims in Monaco. Usually very discreet, they were very affectionate towards each other on the Rock.

Like every year, Stephanie of Monaco and her daughter Camille Gottlieb participated in the deployment of Quilts in memory of AIDS victims, on the roof of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, on December 1st, 2021. Dressed in warm winter coats, mother and daughter were able to discover the artistic works created in tribute to those lost to AIDS. Very tender, the daughter of Jean-Raymond Gottlieb and half-sister of Pauline and Louis Ducruet held her mother affectionately by the arm during most of the event.

Recently, Princess Stephanie of Monaco launched a brand new fragrance with perfumer Laurent Mazzone for her association Fight Aids Monaco. A fragrance named Princesse de coeur which aims “to make a real contribution to the fight against HIV”. Available at a price of 395 euros, the profits of the first 800 bottles will be entirely donated to the association Fight Aids Monaco created in 2004 by the princess herself. “A refined elixir, which borrows its majestic breath from the rose. Nimbed with iris and aldehydes, it reveals a sumptuous and velvety radiance,” reads the website of perfumer Laurent Mazzone.

For her part, Camille Gottlieb, now 23 years old, works as the manager of the MK Club. Very select nightclub located on the port of Monaco, the granddaughter of Grace Kelly is very active in the Monegasque nightlife. Committed like her mother, she founded the association Be Safe Monaco which aims to raise awareness among young Monegasque people about the risks of drinking and driving. “When we see our friends coming out of a nightclub or an event and they say to themselves: ‘but no, car accidents only happen to other people’, well no, it might be too late”, explained the one who lost a friend in a car accident in a video available on the association’s website.

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