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Stéphane Bern: “Albert of Monaco needs Charlene at his side”


Interviewed by Gala.fr on the occasion of an upcoming edition of Laisser-vous guider on France 2, Stéphane Bern makes some rare confidences about Charlene of Monaco’s convalescence. According to the one nicknamed Mr. Heritage, Albert of Monaco “needs Charlene by his side”…

Can we hope to see Charlene of Monaco again in 2022? The question remains unanswered for the moment. Since his return to the Rock, the former swimmer through a bad time. Seen on November 8 with her husband and children, the South African is more than ever in silence. Interviewed by Gala.fr on the issue, Stéphane Bern is optimistic: “We can hope, Charlene has had a very difficult year with many health problems. Like many people who have suffered such a trauma, she needs to rest,” he confided. But the brother of Stephanie of Monaco “needs his wife by his side”.

According to the history enthusiast at the helm of Laissez-vous guider on December 28 on France 2, there is no question here of speed: “let’s wish her to come back as fit as possible to perform her duties as wife of a head of state and mother. And for good reason, in the absence of their mother immobilized 7 months in South Africa because of a serious infection, the twins Jacques and Gabriella could only count on their father: “The children need her, besides I was very touched by the signs: Mommy love you, We miss you mummy”, he underlines.

Stéphane Bern close to Prince Albert II

Flayed by numerous rumors of divorce and the revelations of Nicole Coste, the sovereign prince has held firm: “I am in contact quite regularly with the sovereign prince, he loves him deeply and takes very good care of his children. Close to Albert II, Yori Bailleres’ companion is full of praise: “He is a very courageous man, with great moral strength and character in the face of this ordeal,” says Stéphane Bern, “I’m not surprised at him, he has always had the ability to take problems head on. Let’s hope that 2022 will be more beneficial to them…

Photo credits: Perusseau-Veeren / Bestimage

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