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Reunion of Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco: But where exactly are they sleeping?

Charlene of Monaco arrived at the Monegasque heliport this Monday, November 8. The family is now back together, in the heart of the royal palace where they live.

The Princely Palace of Monaco welcomes back Princess Charlene this Monday, November 8, after three months of absence in South Africa. Albert II and the twins were able to meet her again, to their great happiness, even if she will have to leave again very soon. The palace is the official residence of the Monegasque princely family, even if Jacques and Gabriella’s mother prefers the farm of Roc Agel. The immense residence is divided into two distinct parts. The state apartments, accessible to the public from April to mid-October, and the private apartments.

In the main courtyard, a horseshoe-shaped staircase leads directly to the main entrance of the Palace and to the Hercules Gallery. Before reaching the throne room, one must pass through a multitude of rooms including the gallery of mirrors, the officers’ room as well as the blue salon, as explained by our source.

The illustrious Monegasque palace

Built in 1191, the residence was originally a fortress, granted by the German Emperor Henry IV, to protect the coastline from pirate attacks. It was not until the 1500s that the fortress was gradually transformed into a palace.

Over the centuries and the sovereigns, the Princely Palace of Monaco has been modernized and expanded. Prince Rainier III has greatly advanced the evolution of the place by requesting its restoration and renovation. Today, Albert II and Charlene of Monaco organize a lot of events in the palace, including the twins’ birthdays, receptions and concerts.

Photo credits: Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage

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