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Princess Charlene of Monaco’s birthday: What has prince Albert II planned?

This January 25, 2022, Charlene of Monaco celebrates her 44th birthday. Treated away from the Rock since mid-November, is the princess getting ready to make her return to Albert II and their twins? Hints…

The Monegasques hope at least news of their princess, treated away from the Rock since mid-November. Some, among the chroniclers of the European gotha, predict a surprise return to the Rock. More than a hunch: this Tuesday, January 25, Charlene of Monaco celebrates her 44th birthday and the next day, the principality celebrates its patron saint, Saint Devote, with processions and fireworks that the wife of Albert II has never missed. At the end of December, the palace assured that she was better, without rushing the end of her convalescence. Albert II and the twins Jacques and Gabriella visited her on the other side of the Alps in the run-up to the New Year. This trip, observers believe, would have had the purpose, in addition to gathering the family, to assess the condition of Charlene before this end of January rich in events for Monaco.

In January 2021, pandemic obliges, Albert II, positive to Covid a few months earlier, had celebrated the birthday of his wife with caution. A few hours before Charlene’s 43rd birthday, who appeared with a half-shaved head at the end of the year 2020, the sovereign confided to People magazine: “She does not like big celebrations. It will be mostly a family moment, intimate. We have not planned any large gatherings, because even in the private sphere, we can not gather more than 6 people.” However, the prince stressed, not without mischief: “I already have his gift. I can’t reveal what it is.”
Albert II, “a specialist in last-minute gifts”

In previous years, Albert II had improvised more. In January 2017, he confided, still to People, that he was “a specialist in last-minute gifts.” At the time, he mentioned this idea: “I’m thinking of buying her a piece of jewelry.” But they are mostly compliments that he addressed to his wife, whose mysteries were already making people gossip. Referring to Charlene’s adaptation to her life as a royal highness, the sovereign confided: “It’s an ongoing process, it’s a matter of familiarizing her with the Monegasque people and the institutions, making her understand how things work. I would have liked to devote more time to this, but between my travels and the launch of her foundation, it was complicated and I didn’t want to burden her with responsibilities to assimilate all at once.”

Aware of the rumors already circulating, Albert II admitted, “I know it was a problem. People would have liked to see her more. She herself would have liked to do more, but she also wanted to invest in the education of the children.” Already sketching a portrait of a princess who was far less naïve than one might think, the prince added: “I discovered her incredible resilience. And her endurance.

Husbands and wives sometimes rediscover their qualities, and Charlene knows how to be discerning. Her judgment of people is excellent. When she trusts someone, it’s for the right reasons. She can be a little harsher than I am. But she is often right. Her instincts are never wrong. I’m more likely to give second chances.”

Photo credits: Jean-François Ottonello / Nice Matin / Bestimage

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