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Prince Albert of Monaco worried about Princess Charlene, Andrea Casiraghi sent in emergency to Zurich, the return becomes clear

Very worried for Charlene of Monaco, and perhaps to prepare her return in all discretion on the Rock, Prince Albert of Monaco would have entrusted a secret mission to Andrea Casiraghi, his nephew.

“Andrea Casiraghi will she bring back Princess Charlene in Monaco?” asks the local version of 20 minutes which reported the presence
of the eldest son of Princess Caroline of Monaco in Zurich, in the specialized clinic where the first lady of Monaco is treated for depression.

The son of Caroline of Monaco would have gone to pick up “his aunt in Zurich”, perhaps so that she participates in the Saint-Devote, the patron saint of the principality.
He would have been spotted there, but unfortunately, no photo supports this statement.

The clues of a possible return of the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco are multiplying: Saturday afternoon, Andrea Casiraghi (37 years), the nephew of the princess, was spotted by the Küsnacht, where the former swimmer is treated.
Gabriella and Jacques would also be present.

“Near the harbor, I noticed a tall blond man with blue eyes and a black coat with huge silver buttons,” Miriam, a Zurich woman, told 20 minutes. With his elegant look and walk, he clearly stood out from the crowd. The heirs to the Monegasque throne would also be present.

Charlene of Monaco, delicate position in Switzerland – this soothing sign sent by Caroline of Monaco

Absent these last months from the Rock because of her health problems, a moral and physical exhaustion that she would treat in Switzerland, Charlene of Monaco would have been reassured by Caroline of Monaco. She would have shown herself delicate, by addressing her soothing signs. No question of stealing the role of first lady.

After having occupied the role of first lady at the death of her mother, Princess Grace, Caroline of Monaco has made her return in recent months and resumed her place with Prince Albert.

This time, however, she is no longer under pressure, since she is no longer second in the order of succession, “her niece and nephew have almost always been at her side,” reports the British media Royal Central.

And to recall that the princess has never shown any sign of superiority, leaning to put forward her beloved nieces and nephews during official ceremonies.

For the British media, there is no doubt, the situation has been very well managed by Caroline of Monaco, and her discreet position would be reassuring for Charlene of Monaco, whose fear would be to be overshadowed.
“It is a delicate balance to find, but Princess Caroline and Princess Charlene seem to have found their way to manage the situation.

Photos credits: Bestimage

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