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Prince Albert of Monaco, his twins in an unhealthy relationship, an expert reveals

In the absence of Charlene of Monaco, away from the Rock because of a big physical and mental fatigue, Prince Albert of Monaco is dealing with the quotient of his twins, Gabriella and Albert. The risk would be to develop a toxic relation because of a certain practice.

This is co-sleeping, which means that parents, or a parent, sleep in the same bed as their children.

Our sources confirm this

“During Charlene’s South African stay, the twins followed their father on his official outings, as never before. They took the habit of sleeping in his bed,” our sources report. “At the end of the summer, the trio went canoeing on the Dordogne.

According to our sources, who evoked this practice of co-sleeping – when it was practiced by Charlene of Monaco – would be harmful for the Monegasque heirs.

It harms “the autonomy of Jacques and Gabriella”. In the long run, it could lead to ‘a kind of overprotection’, and would develop a form of emotional dependence.

“The cododo maintains the fusion between the parent and the child, which does not encourage, in the long run, the necessary separation and excludes the father”, explained a pediatrician, going until evoking a “toxic” relation.

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