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Lunch in tears, Charlene of Monaco suffers in Paris, Albert ignores her

Prince Albert had let himself go to some confidences in Paris Match, where he assured that the current troubles of Charlene of Monaco have no link with a marital crisis. But this explanation does not seem to convince. A German media reported a dinner during which the princess would have burst into tears.

The media “Stern” has taken a report from the portal “The Daily Beast”, where the eventful marriage of Princess Charlene is examined in detail. It would not be joy.

According to several sources, the former South African champion would be struggling with chronic fatigue, following “an unhappy marriage”.
The mother of Jacques and Gabriella would have burst into tears during a dinner, assured the journalist Tom Sykes, who was present.

“Charlene has been unhappy for a long time,” this specialist in crowned heads explains that he had lunch at the palace with the princely couple, and that on that day, Charlene of Monaco would have burst into tears in silence. Prince Albert would not even notice the deplorable state of his wife

“I could not understand why she did not just get up and leave. I could only guess that she wanted her unhappiness to be seen,” he said.
No date was provided.
In an interview with Paris Match, Prince Albert of Monaco assured that there is no marriage crisis and that his wife is being treated in a clinic abroad.
“I know the rumors,” Prince Albert told People magazine. Our couple has not had any problems and our marriage is not in danger.

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