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Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco: Two characters that everything opposes

The two twins of Charlene and Albert of Monaco, Jacques and Gabriella will soon celebrate their 7th birthday. An age where the character starts to be formed. Moreover, it seems to differ between the two children, according to a portrait of People magazine.

As their seventh birthday approaches, on December 10, the twins Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco are beginning to assert their character. This is in any case what we learn from a portrait published last February in the columns of People magazine. The two children would be very different, according to the confidences of their father, Prince Albert II of Monaco. The Monegasque sovereign reveals that Jacques would be “a little more shy and a little more quiet” than his sister Gabriella, “more extroverted and with a sharp tongue”.

The husband of Charlene of Monaco noted other differences between his two children. The little boy is “a great observer” who “loves to evaluate the situation” before launching himself. In contrast, his sister “has no embarrassment in front of people,” says his father. This talkative girl is, according to Prince Albert, “a character who loves to dance and sing”, quite the opposite of his brother.

Children like any other

Although Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella of Monaco are respectively first and second in the order of succession to the throne of Monaco, their parents, Albert and Charlene, want them to live a normal childhood. They go to school, either there or at home, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and it is their father who takes care of helping with the homework. Both children seem very curious and want to expand their knowledge, “We went through a phase where they wanted to know everything about oceans and planets and everything about the solar system.”

With this in mind, the royal couple refuses to put the twins in the spotlight. “We explain to them in very simple terms what ‘royal duty’ is,” Prince Albert explains. We are not going to fill their heads with step-by-step explanations of everything that is expected of them.” For now, this royal duty simply consists of performing salutes from the balcony of the royal palace.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Dominique jacovides / Bestimage

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