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Jacques and Gabriella of Monaco: Their aunt Caroline still ensures in the absence of Charlene

Jacques and Gabriella had to set fire to the boat of the Sainte-Dévote without their mother, Charlene of Monaco, this Wednesday, January 26… Fortunately, they could count on the help of their aunt, Caroline of Monaco. On the pictures, we can see the tenderness with which she takes care of them.

This Wednesday, January 26 took place a very special holiday for the Monegasques: Saint Devote, patron saint of Monaco. As every year, the princely family of Monaco attended the celebrations. Only, for the first time, Charlene was not present. Leaving the place to Caroline of Monaco to take care of Jacques and Gabriella. A task that their aunt accepts with great pleasure whenever she has the opportunity. In the images, we can see the twins set the boat on fire with the help of the sister of Albert II, as is the tradition. According to legend, Saint Devote is a Corsican martyr who washed up in Monaco in a boat.

Throughout the celebration, the twins are accompanied by their aunt Caroline, who is very affectionate with them, as always. The latter seems to bring them a maternal tenderness, certainly in order to fill the prolonged absence of their mother, Princess Charlene. James and Gabriella, for their part, appear for once very wise on the shots of the celebration. We can even see them embracing tenderly…

Caroline de Monaco, Gabriella et Jacques lors de la célébration de la Sainte-Dévote, sur le quai Albert 1er, le 26 janvier 2022.
Jean-Charles Vinaj / Pool Monaco / BestimageCaroline of Monaco, Gabriella and Jacques during the celebration of Saint Devote, on the quay Albert 1st, January 26, 2022.

The Saint-Devote celebrated without Charlene of Monaco

The Saint-Devote is part of the unmissable appointments for the Monegasque princely family. Every year, Jacques, Gabriella, Albert II and Charlene of Monaco set fire to the boat of the patron saint of Monaco. Unfortunately, due to her health, the princess could not be present this Wednesday, January 26, 2022. This is the first time that the mother of twins misses this event. It was also on this date last year that she made her last official appearance. Just after the Holy Day of 2021, the wife of Prince Albert II flew to South Africa.

Photo credits: Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage

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