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Humiliation in Burgundy, Charlene of Monaco does not forgive Albert’s misstep


In Glasgow, Scotland, with his adorable twins Gabriella and Jacques, Albert of Monaco made a stab at his wife, Charlene of Monaco, who has been isolated in South Africa for eight months.

The nature of this betrayal is clarified by our source, which questions the reasons for his exile.

“In fact, it must not be good to be PR (Public Relations) of the Palace at this time,” commented the publication before recalling a media outing of Prince Albert, an attendance at an event dating back to the weekend of October 10.

While the mother of his children had just undergone a new surgery under general anesthesia to finish her ENT infection, the sovereign prince of the Rock was posing for photographers in Burgundy, 12,000 km from her in his capacity as honorary president … of the world championship of the egg meurette.

“How can we continue not to answer questions that make sense: “Even if the princess can not fly, no one, since May, has thought of repatriating her in a medical boat near her children? It would not be rather she who does not want to return? “, asks a source close to the first lady, who no longer seems to believe in the official version of the Palace.

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  1. Charlene does not understand – if one marries into Royalty , it comes with responsibilities.
    Its all about her …her long stay in South Africa indicated that she does not want to go back to Monaco.
    The fact that the children belongs to the state…is the only reason why she went back

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