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Gabriella of Monaco: Which little girl is she?


As the princess celebrates her seventh birthday on December 10, Gabriella of Monaco is increasingly asserting herself as an outgoing little girl, according to her father, Prince Albert II.

Happy Birthday! Princess Gabriella of Monaco celebrates her seventh birthday this Friday, December 10, alongside her twin brother, Prince Jacques. Both have a very different character, according to the confidences of their father. Prince Albert II of Monaco told People magazine that if his son Jacques is more shy, Gabriella is “more extroverted and has a sharp tongue”. Moreover, the little girl is very resourceful and does not wait for her parents’ help to do what she wants. This was seen when the princess decided to cut her hair herself, as her mother, Charlene, had told in a post on Instagram. The cut, frankly failed, had raised the hilarity of his followers: “Gabriella decided to cut her hair alone! Sorry my Bella, I did my best to fix it.”

Gabriella saw very little of her mother in 2021, Princess Charlene spent many months recovering in South Africa, before returning to Monaco for treatment. Her daughter missed her mother a lot. Gabriella had expressed this heartbreaking lack in an adorable drawing shown during the Monegasque national holiday, where it was written “we love you mom” and “we miss you”.

Jean-Charles Vinaj / Pool Monaco / BestimageHereditary Prince Jacques of Monaco and his sister Princess Gabriella of Monaco on November 19, 2021.

A great talker who loves to sing

Gabriella of Monaco “has no embarrassment in front of people,” says her father, in the interview with People. This great talker is, according to Prince Albert, “a character who loves to dance and sing”, quite the opposite of her brother. However, the royal couple wants Gabriella, like her brother James, to live a normal childhood. We explain to them in very simple terms what ‘royal duty’ is,” explains Prince Albert. We are not going to fill their heads with step-by-step explanations of everything that is expected of them.” For now, this royal duty simply consists of performing salutes from the balcony of the princely palace.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Dominique jacovides / Bestimage

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