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FLASHBACK – Charlene of Monaco: how did she meet Albert of Monaco?

Charlene of Monaco celebrates her 44th birthday this Tuesday, January 25. The opportunity to look back on her meeting with her husband, Prince Albert. Their eyes met for the first time more than ten years before their marriage. Gala tells you everything.

Princess Charlene of Monaco celebrates her 44th birthday this Thursday, January 25. To mark the occasion, Prince Albert had a delicate attention to her, the publication of a photo album tracing the life of his wife, including his past as a professional swimmer. It was in 2000, during a swimming competition, that Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert met for the first time, more than ten years before their union in 2011. The South African swimmer came to the Rock to participate in the Mare Nostrum, a tournament chaired by Prince Albert. During this competition, she won two events, the 100m and 200m backstroke. To honor her victories, Prince Albert offered her a bouquet of flowers.

In June 2001, the young woman returned to Monaco. According to our colleagues of Cosmopolitan, Charlene was approached at a café terrace by Prince Albert, who invited her to dinner. In 2005, Charlene Wittstock recontacts the Albert to present him his condolences following the death of his father, Prince Rainier III. It is only in 2006 that they formalize their relationship at the Olympic Games in Turin, Italy. Both sports enthusiasts, including bobsleigh for the brother of Caroline of Monaco, Charlene and Albert II enjoy the show side by side. Later, they attended many sporting competitions together, such as the Rugby World Cup held in France in 2007. On the Rock, the young woman accompanied the Prince to the Red Cross Ball or the Monaco Grand Prix. Two appointments that she did not honor in 2021, causing concern among Monegasques.

From their sumptuous wedding to divorce rumors

The two lovebirds got engaged on June 23, 2010. The prince said about Charlene: “I wish (…) that she fully integrates into the life of my country. Their wedding was celebrated the following year, in the courtyard of honor of the Monegasque palace, transformed for the occasion into an open-air “cathedral”. On July 1, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert celebrated their pewter wedding anniversary. However, the health problems of the mother of Jacques and Gabriella have tarnished this beautiful fairy tale and feed the rumors of divorce.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Bestimage

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