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Ernst August of Hanover at war with his “ungrateful” son: Trial postponed

The trial between Ernst August of Hanover and his eldest son has been postponed. This Thursday, November 25 was to take place a first confrontation between the two monarchs. It is in 2022 that the two men will meet in court.

A dispute between Prince Ernst August of Hanover and his eldest son Ernst August. The trial that should have taken place this Thursday, November 25 in Germany has finally been postponed to March 24, 2022. According to Royal Histories, the cause of this postponement would be due to the last minute withdrawal of a legal representative involved in the case. At the heart of the matter are properties bequeathed by Ernst August senior to his son, the dynastic heir. The prince accuses his son of interference in this matter. In particular to have wished to sell the summer property of the house of Hanover to the benefit of the state of Lower Saxony, for a symbolic euro.

The husband of Caroline of Monaco is not at his first court case. This November 24, the prince, whose reputation has been widely criticized, was sentenced to 10 months in prison with a suspended sentence, according to Histoires Royales. He had been accused of wounding a police officer with a knife, threatening a couple working for him as well as going into a police station with a baseball bat. However, the court recognized an improvement in the accused’s behavior. The prince has started psychotherapy and has stopped drinking.

Ernst August de Hanovre et sa femme Ekaterina Malysheva en octobre 2021
Dana Press / BestimageErnst August of Hanover and his wife Ekaterina Malysheva in October 2021

A man of many escapades

Prince Ernst August of Hanover is a public figure known for his antics. The 67-year-old was seen urinating on the facade of the Turkish pavilion at the 2000 Expo in Hanover. The pictures were published by the German daily Bild-Zeitung. He is also known to have fought with a nightclub owner in Kenya. The prince, who owns a residence in that region, had accused the owner of disturbing the neighborhood with “Western” music in a Muslim area.

Photo credits: GTRES / BESTIMAGE

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