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Did Albert of Monaco withdraw his children from school? He answers the rumors

The rumor has been spreading for several weeks: Jacques and Gabriella, the twins of Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert, would not go to school anymore. In Monaco Matin this Wednesday, November 17, their father wanted to restore the truth.

On September 6th, Jacques and Gabriella, the most famous twins of the Rock, were going back to school at the François d’Assise – Nicolas Barré school (FANB). For this very important day, and in the absence of their mother, Princess Charlene, who was stuck in South Africa for health reasons, the two 6-year-old schoolboys were accompanied by their father, Albert II. But according to rumors relayed by Histoires Royales, Jacques and Gabriella would no longer be schooled in the establishment, but at home.

This Wednesday, November 17, the father of the twins wanted to respond to the rumors in the columns of Monaco Matin. “In view of the uncertainty of the evolution of the pandemic, we preferred with the princess to protect them. So we transposed a small classroom of FANB to the Palace, in the old nursery of my childhood”, explained the Monegasque prince before specifying: “It is arranged like a normal classroom, with the same teachers that the children would have had if they had physically remained at FANB. They are surrounded on a daily basis by four other classmates who also attend classes at the Palace.”

After school, Jacques and Gabriella associated with public life

To avoid de-socializing their twins, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II send them to school to participate in sports classes: “They do some gym classes at school and when there are, for example, pool classes, they will go to the pool with the other children. It is important that they have a school life, a social life, activities with their peers and friends, which they have,” assured Jacques and Gabriella’s father.

In addition to home schooling, the two toddlers increasingly accompany their father on his official trips. During the last school vacations, and after a detour to a famous amusement park, the twins followed him on the occasion of the COP26 organized in Glasgow, Scotland. “I try to involve them, little by little, in public life. It is not systematic, we must not scare them and they push back the idea of being in an official situation,” explained Albert II in Monaco Matin.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Bestimage

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