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Charlotte Casiraghi – Charlene of Monaco, her son’s godmother “ultra violent”, the truth comes out


Charlène of Monaco, the godmother of Raphaël, the son that Charlotte Casiraghi had of her relation with Gad Elmaleh, is supposed to represent a danger for her children. Her sister-in-law sets the record straight.

On November 5, the magazine Voici specified the circumstances of the hospitalization of the aunt of Charlotte Casiraghi, by feeding a violent episode.

“She was taken under an assumed name to the Netcare Alberlito Hospital in Ballito,” said the magazine Voici.
And to ensure that in reality, this hospitalization was not related to a malaise related to her ENT infection.

Charlene of Monaco would have made a “decomposition, (psychotic episode during which a person loses all contact with reality and can even be victim of delirious puffs”.

During her supposed crisis, the wife of Prince Albert would have injured her lady companion. Her two security officers intervened.
This statement is denied by Chantell Wittstock, Charlene of Monaco’s sister-in-law, to the South African magazine You.

“She was very stressed at the time. It was extremely traumatic for her to be under this pressure from the media, while she is away from her family and her children. It’s not easy,” she said, assuring between the lines that the princess did not have a violent outburst.

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