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Charlene of Monaco’s birthday: where is Nicole Coste, Albert II’s ex?

Charlene of Monaco, who celebrates her 44th birthday this Tuesday, January 25, 2022, has been invisible for more than 2 months. But she is not the only one. After a devastating interview in Paris Match, at the end of August, Nicole Coste, Albert II’s ex, has returned to the shadows. Or almost…

She is the other “disappeared” of the Rock. But unlike Charlene of Monaco, whose princely palace tries to give more or less reassuring news, Nicole Coste, ex of Albert II and mother of his son Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste, seems to be asked to be forgotten. It is true that after a few appearances in Paris and in the principality at the beginning of the summer, the ex-air hostess created turbulence with an interview given to Paris Match at the end of August.

Rainier III’s contempt for her, rivalry with Charlene, proposal of assistance to Albert II… The interview made “furious” the sovereign, who expressly disassociated himself in the columns of Point de Vue. Since then, no sign of life. While Charlene’s return is expected very soon, the fate of Nicole Coste is a taboo subject. Except on the other side of the Channel. It is Richard Eden, editorialist of the Daily Mail, who informed us about her future, last December.

According to him, Nicole Coste, who returned to the United Kingdom where she had tried a career as a stylist in the years 2000, would not be better disposed towards Charlene, who celebrates her 44th birthday this January 25. Met during a party in the chic district of Marylebone, London, the Franco-Togolese, who hoped to no longer have to hide, would have confided to Richard Eden: “I don’t care what happens to her. Why should I care? Nicole Coste would have assured him again, about Charlene: “It is a return of karma for her.”
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“Monegasques love me more than Charlene”

Still according to Richard Eden, the ex of Albert II would feel supported by the Monegasques: “They love me more than Charlene. They are full of love and respect for me,” she said. Despite the anger of the sovereign after her interview in Paris Match, Nicole Coste would also have taken the opportunity to deny a broken good between them. She would still be “close” to the father of her son, 18 years old since this summer. “I have known him for 25 years,” she would have argued to the editorialist of the Daily Mail. Reported remarks that commit Richard Eden, in the absence of an official statement from Nicole Coste. In her interview with Paris Match, the ex-air hostess had already complained about an interview with the Daily Mail which would have transformed her words.

More certain, if we rely on her words to our colleagues of Paris Match, it is far from being a cordial agreement with Charlene. Nicole Coste would have “experienced things that (she) alerted and shocked” before the marriage of Albert II and the former champion swimmer, in July 2011. “She changed my son’s room, for example, taking advantage of his father’s absence to install him in the staff wing. As a mother, I can not find words to describe these actions,” said Nicole Coste in her interview with Paris Match. At the end of 2021, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, Albert II’s eldest daughter and Alexander’s half-sister, didn’t seem to be any happier about being left out of Charlene’s greeting card. She had, in the tread, revealed an unpublished photo of her, Alexander, James and Gabriella. Atmosphere…

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