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Charlene of Monaco: Why she shaved her head for Christmas 2020

A year ago, Princess Charlene sported a punk hair look that got people talking in Monaco and elsewhere. Interviewed by the magazine Point de vue, last January, the wife of Prince Albert II gave explanations on her choice, to say the least bold.

Whether it is because of her health, her relationship with Albert II of Monaco, or for her appearance, Princess Charlene is the talk of the town. If recently, it is her numerous absences during public appearances that are the subject of comments, regularly, it is her appearance that is the subject of talk. Back with her husband and her two children, last November after long months blocked in South Africa, the former swimmer appeared slimmed down and her hair was styled in a boyish style. Moreover, her hair experiments are often criticized, as in December 2020, when she had dared to shave a whole side of her hair.

A cut that she had inaugurated during the traditional annual ceremony of handing over Christmas gifts of the Monegasque palace. A punk look that did not go unnoticed and that maintains her image of rebel princess. Interviewed by the magazine Point de vue, last January, Charlene of Monaco had admitted that her hairstyle, to say the least, had “provoked all sorts of comments”. However, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella had herself, and she alone, desired this radical change. “It was my decision”, she had simply explained, by specifying that she “wanted it for a long time”. “I like the style. That’s all,” she added. Especially since Prince Albert II of Monaco had liked her hair look, “once the initial surprise passed.

A princess who does not intend to change

Acknowledging that she has audacity despite her status, Princess Charlene had assured that “certainly, of all the members of the royal families, [she is] probably the one who has tried the most different hairstyles. Despite the criticism, the 43-year-old sportswoman is formal: she “will continue” to enjoy her hair. “It’s my choice. What counts, it is that Jacques and Gabriella adore to see their mother with her new style”, she had launched, not at all disturbed by the gossips of those who estimate that she does not have a royal enough pace. “The comments like, ‘What the hell is she doing?’ and ‘But it’s not royal!’ I know them only too well. And I have nothing to say to them, except that we are in 2021 and that in these troubled times, so difficult, there are other subjects much more important that deserve our attention, “she had developed, to put in place his detractors.

Photo credits: Bruno Bebert / Pool Monaco / Bestimage

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