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Charlene of Monaco: Why she did not see her parents once when she was in South Africa

Stranded for several months in South Africa, Charlene of Monaco suffered from an ENT infection that prevented her from returning home until last November. But despite a convalescence in her native country, she did not see much of her family.

She must have found the time very long. Left for her foundation in South Africa in early 2021, Charlene of Monaco was far from imagining that this passage in her native country would last for many months until her return to the Rock last November. Unable to travel, the wife of Prince Albert had to remain in convalescence after an ENT infection for which she was operated, including under general anesthesia. And while her husband and their two children, James and Gabriella, came to see her last August during a brief stay, the princess remained mostly alone during her extended stay in the land of her childhood.

Indeed, while her family, including her parents, still live in South Africa, they did not visit Charlene of Monaco much, as she lived reclusively in a lodge in a game reserve near Durban, in the KwaZulu-Natal province. “At our age, we have to be very careful,” said Mike Wittstock, the princess’ father, about him and his wife, Lynette. Aged 75 and 74, the parents of Prince Albert’s wife did not hide from the South African media YOU that this choice was linked to their fear of contracting Covid-19. “I also did not want to infect her because she had undergone so many medical procedures and she was vulnerable,” he said.

Charlene of Monaco kept in touch with her parents

While she didn’t see many of her loved ones during her recovery, it seems that Charlene of Monaco adopted the phone as her best means of communication, which allowed her to stay in touch with many of her family members, from her children to her husband to her parents, from whom she was ultimately not far away. “We talked regularly on the phone and I talk with the twins. We have a great relationship,” he assured. Now in a clinic in Switzerland, Charlene of Monaco decided to cancel her presence at the Monegasque National Day a few weeks ago to focus on her health, “exhausted” by her convalescence, during which she did not sleep and eat well, according to her relatives.

Photos credits: Jean-charles Vinaj

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