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Charlene of Monaco: What we know about her strange dog, brought back from South Africa

The princess brought back a funny surprise from her extended stay in South Africa! At the beginning of November, Charlene of Monaco returned to the principality with a new companion named Khan…

After long months of convalescence in South Africa, Princess Charlene finally returned to Monaco on November 8, 2021. The wife of Prince Albert had reserved two surprises for this long-awaited return to the principality: a new hair color, but above all, a new four-legged friend! It is indeed accompanied by a dog, as large as stirring, that the princess has found her family at the royal palace.

But what do we know about this animal? First of all, this energetic short-haired dog is a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Khan. This breed, which is very common in South Africa, originated in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and is a cross between hunting dogs. Khan will be appreciated for his agility, speed, stamina and scent, as well as his loyalty. On the other hand, his talent for scaring away curious lions will not be of much use on the Rock. At first sight…

On the other hand, he is a very sporty dog, so Charlene of Monaco had better keep her sneakers within reach! The arrival of a Rhodesian Ridgeback in Monaco is not a completely new event since Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly (Prince Albert’s parents) had also adopted a dog of this breed.

For sure, this size and energy outburst is a radical change from the princess’ previous furry companions, who preferred smaller canines until then: her dogs Monte and Carlo (get it?) were Yorkies, while Thula and Wena were Chihuahuas. The 43-year-old former swimmer reportedly decided to get another dog shortly before her return to the Rock, after learning of the untimely death of one of her beloved Chihuahuas.

On the other hand, no one knows who is taking care of Khan today, since Princess Charlene, very weakened by her health problems, has begun a new period of convalescence in a specialized center outside the principality…

Photos credits: Bestimage

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