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Charlene of Monaco weighs less than 50 kilos – She feeds herself with a straw

Charlene of Monaco would still not be recovered, after eight months of isolation in South Africa. She would now weigh less than 50 kilos and would be fed only by a straw.

According to the magazine Ici Paris, the confidences of Prince Albert of Monaco who evoked in a speech of the emotional problems of the mother of his children would not be credible.

In reality, she suffered mainly from eating disorders due to an infection in the ENT area.
“The palace tries to minimize, but the hour is serious”, headlines the magazine Ici Paris in its issue dated December 1.

The mother of Jacques and Gabriella would be physically unable to eat properly because of the many operations she underwent following her infection.

Charlene of Monaco would have passed in the table of operations four times, after having been touched in the ear, the sinus, the throat and an ear.

“She was only able to ingest liquids through a straw,” said a close source who decided to confide in the anonymity seal.

And after a stay in South Africa, Charlene of Monaco would be treated in a care center in Switzerland, which offers a radical method to end eating disorders, and allows patients including perhaps the Monegasque princess to rebuild a peaceful relationship with food.

But Charlene of Monaco’s problem seems to be more physical. She would suffer from a kind of paralysis of the jaw and would be unable to ingest food. She would suffer from the same disease as Celine Dion.

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