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Charlene of Monaco very weakened: The big fear of Albert II during his stay in South Africa

Currently treated for “deep fatigue” in Europe, Charlene of Monaco will be back in time from South Africa. A new variant of Covid is rampant there. A contamination of the princess, extremely vulnerable, worried Albert II during all the time she stayed in the southern hemisphere…

In the light of the news, Charlene of Monaco, admitted to a specialized institution for “a state of deep general fatigue”, has had a close call. A new variant of Covid was detected in South Africa, this November 22nd. Its number of mutations, its resistance to vaccines and its virality have already prompted several countries to ban the entry of travelers from the South African peninsula. After a Monegasque national holiday marked by his absence, on November 19, Albert II had the opportunity to explain the reasons for the new eclipse of his wife, even though she had returned to the principality ten days earlier, as well as to reassure about the state of their relationship. No marital crisis. No cancer, no failed plastic surgery or contamination with Covid either. This last threat has nevertheless particularly worried him, as he confided to our sources.
Charlene slimmed down and particularly vulnerable to Covid in South Africa

In an interview with the American magazine, posted online the same day of the Monegasque national holiday, the sovereign recalled that during his 8 months of retirement in South Africa due to an ENT infection, his wife had lost sleep and appetite. In a way more than worrying. “The different operations she underwent there were not without consequences (…) She was struck by insomnia for several days and she was not eating well at all. She lost a lot of weight, which made her vulnerable to other diseases. A cold, the flu, or God forbid, Covid.” Relatives have confirmed since that interview with People that the princess really “almost died” and had to eat through a straw, because of the operations she had chained.

Today, the princess is not only protected from the pandemic, but she also benefits from a real medical supervision. Her twins Jacques and Gabriella, educated at the palace to stay as close as possible to their father, know nothing of their mother’s fragility. After sending her drawings on the palace balcony on November 19, they planted a tree in her honor on November 25. Albert II hopes that they will have the opportunity to visit her soon, he relies on the advice of doctors. Charlene’s convalescence, he is frank about it, will be long.


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  1. Go well dearest Princess Charlene.
    Sending you hugs and Healing Blessings.
    To your precious family strength during this time.
    To the Principality of Monaco 🇲🇨 and all her people Christmas and New Year Blessings 🌈🎄🌟💐💝💖🌟🎉🌈

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