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Charlene of Monaco tired and not herself – her Mike Wittstock reassures

Still vulnerable due to the consequences of her ENT infection and extreme fatigue, Charlene of Monaco will recover very quickly. Her father is convinced.

The father of the Monegasque princess, Mike Wittstock, would indeed be convinced of the return of his daughter to the forefront after long months of isolation because of her health problems.

“Her father, Mike Wittstock, is convinced that Charlene will recover on her own after months of troubles,” reported the South African magazine You. The media outlet gives news of Prince Albert’s wife, although it does not specify the nature of the illness from which she suffers.

It has been rumored that she may be suffering from an autoimmune disease, but this allegation is not commented on.
The marital crisis that has been mentioned many times is this time swept aside by the South African magazine.

The confidences delivered by Prince Albert of Monaco are repeated for the occasion. He is happy to be present for his children in this delicate period.

“I have heard too many friends and acquaintances tell me that they would have liked to be there for their children, at a certain age, busy with their work or their professional life. I don’t want to have those regrets,” explained the Sovereign Prince of the Rock.
Gabriella and Jacques, the heirs to the Monegasque throne, will visit their mother once they have the “medical green light”.
She is “tired and not quite herself,” he said.

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