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Charlene of Monaco: This other unknown princess who fled the Rock before her

Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlene of Monaco - 67 th Monaco Red Cross Gala (Red Cross Ball) in Monaco on July 25, 2015.

Absent from the Rock for two months, Charlene of Monaco is not the first princess to have fled the principality. Tatler recalls the fate of another fugitive: Princess Alice, wife of Albert I, the great-great-grandfather of Albert II. For the magazine, the coincidences are more than disturbing …

Is history repeating itself? Is there a curse in Monaco? In any case, for the website of Tatler magazine, the coincidences are disturbing. While some people are hoping for a return of Princess Charlene, who has been treated abroad since mid-November, for Saint Devote, the Monegasque patron saint celebrated in the principality on January 26 and 27, the bible of the European gotha reminds us of the fate of Princess Alice of Monaco, “whose life echoes” that of the wife of Albert II.

Fascinating character that this highness forgotten by the general public, it is true. Born Alice Heine in New Orleans, in the middle of the 19th century, she was not only the first American, well before Grace Kelly courted by Rainier III, and a foreigner, like Charlene, South African swimmer extirpated from her pools by Albert II, to reign on the Rock. Princess Alice was the wife of Albert I, great-great-grandfather of the current sovereign who, like his ancestor nicknamed “the prince scientist” or “the prince explorer”, militates for the protection of the environment and the oceans in particular.
A love marriage that exploded after 10 years, without a divorce ever being pronounced

Widow of the Duke of Richelieu, Princess Alice had to wait – like Charlene – more than 10 years before being married by Albert I, whose father Charles III disapproved of her inconstancy in love. Before meeting Alice the American, the ancestor of Albert II was indeed married to the Scottish Lady Mary Victoria Hamilton. This unhappy union was annulled in 1880, just as Princess Caroline would have her marriage to Philippe Junot annulled some 200 years later. However, this marriage produced an heir, Prince Louis II, recognized by his father 10 years after his birth. Thus, like Charlene whose relationship with Jazmin Grace and Alexander, elders of Albert II, intrigues, Alice Heine became a Monegasque princess and mother-in-law at the same time, by marrying Albert I.

Passionate about the arts, Princess Alice contributed to the creation of the Monaco Ballet and, more broadly, to the development of a cultural life on the Rock. For about ten years. At the dawn of the 1900’s, the princess became weary of Albert I’s expeditions. As Tatler points out, these are not only scholarly. While they embodied “one of the first true love marriages of the principality,” Princess Alice and the sovereign no longer share the same interests, they take comfort in other arms. In 1902, the wife of Albert I left Monaco for the United Kingdom, without divorcing her prince. She died far from the principality, in Paris, in 1925, 3 years after the great-great-grandfather of Albert II…

Photo credits : Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage

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