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Charlene of Monaco: These men who counted in her life


While she has been recovering for many months, Princess Charlene of Monaco can count on the support and friendship of the many men who have counted in her life.

A mysterious illness has been eating away at her for most of the year. Princess Charlene of Monaco has since disappeared from the media scene and few people see her. After nearly eight months in South Africa, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella returned to Monaco, where she is being treated.

During these difficult moments, she can count on the unfailing support of the men she is close to, from her husband, Prince Albert, her son Jacques, to her brothers Sean and Gareth Wittstock, as well as her friends, Vladimir Doronin, Ryk Neethling, Chad Le Clos and Charles Leclerc, Charlene of Monaco is well surrounded.

After many official events where her presence was missed, we hope that the Monegasque princess will heal quickly and return to the media spotlight.

Photo credits : Cyril Dodergny / Nice Matin / Bestimage

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