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Charlene of Monaco: The very unexpected reaction of her father when Prince Albert asked her to marry him

While Charlene of Monaco is still recovering, far from her loved ones, Tatler has resurfaced a portrait that the magazine had drawn on her in 2010. In it, the princess told of her engagement proposal by Albert II and the surprising reaction of her father that followed.

A week ago, Michael Wittstock, Charlene of Monaco’s father, came out of his silence to give news of his daughter, admitted a month ago in a specialized institution for “deep general fatigue”.

The latter has not come out of his silence since, except to celebrate the 7th birthday of her twins Jacques and Gabriella this Friday, December 10. “Happy birthday my babies. I thank God for blessing me with such wonderful children. I am truly blessed,” Charlene had written on her Instagram account.

For his part, Michael Wittstock, who knows his daughter’s character, believes she will manage to come back thanks to her mindset as a former swimming champion. “My daughter used to swim 20 km a day (…) Knowing the way she trained, I know she is tough and she will come out and she will come out much stronger,” he had said in the columns of the media You. This one, former rugby player, never hesitates to make parallels between life and sport, to which he gives a particular importance. The announcement of the engagement of his daughter to Prince Albert was even the occasion of an astonishing scene, more than 11 years ago.

In a long portrait devoted to her by Tatler magazine in December 2010, Charlene of Monaco told the story. She had first returned to the moment when Albert II had asked her to marry him, in June 2010, after 10 years of relationship. A moment that took place at the wedding of Victoria of Sweden and Daniel Westling. “He asked for my hand in marriage the next day. But before we officially announced it to the press, I told him that he had to tell my father,” reported the princess.

Michael Wittstock absorbed in a soccer match

Without delay, Prince Albert complies, but disturbs his future father-in-law at a time when he does not seem very attentive. Indeed, we are then at the end of June, and the World Cup of soccer is in full swing. Especially since it takes place in South Africa and that day, a match absorbs the mind of Michael Wittstock. South Africa was playing France and my father was much more focused on the game than on what we had to tell him,” Charlene recounted. He quickly gave his consent and rushed to his screen to watch the game.” We can also understand the reaction of his father because during this match, South Africa will achieve a small feat by managing to beat the French team 2 goals to 1. And a few weeks later, Albert and Charlene will say yes, in the presence of their families, in Monaco, July 1 and 2.

Photos credits: Bruno Bebert

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