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Charlene of Monaco: Prince Albert responds to rumors of plastic surgery

The absence of Charlene of Monaco had caused many rumors and its return arouses as much. Serious illness, couple problem or plastic surgery … Prince Albert was keen to respond to all these assumptions.

After spending long months of convalescence in South Africa, following an infection of the ENT area, Princess Charlene made her return to the Rock on November 8. If her arrival has caused much rejoicing, it seems that the princess is still very tired after the operations she underwent. She is not living in the royal palace for the moment, but in a specialized institution. In an interview for the media “People”, the Prince of Monaco explained that his wife was suffering from a “deep exhaustion, both emotional and physical”. The sovereign had then announced: “She was aware that the only thing to do was to rest and follow a real treatment medically supervised.” However, many wonder if this stay away from the principality would not be due to other reasons, such as a problem with the couple. While others wonder about a potential plastic surgery.

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“There was no plastic surgery”

Prince Albert II confided in an interview for “Paris Match”, this Thursday, November 25, and wanted to deny the rumors. “There was no plastic surgery, it was only dental problems, nasal septum and sinus. I do not want to betray the medical secret, but only the ENT sphere was concerned, “he said. After restoring the truth on this subject, he again gave details on the state of health of the princess: “Charlene was really exhausted, a general exhaustion. So much so that we decided together, and with our close families, that the best thing would be for her to rest calmly outside Monaco for obvious reasons of discretion and comfort, therefore abroad, the time of a therapeutic retreat that will allow her to recover permanently.”

Aware of all the theories circulating about his relationship with his wife, he anticipates and declares: “I know the rumors, the princess does not suffer from any serious or incurable disease. Nor is it a problem of the couple.” The father of Jacques and Gabriella concludes by asking the public to respect his privacy: “As it does not satisfy the media, everyone went there with his little theory and his little comment (…) Charlene needs calm, rest, tranquility and appeasement. I say it nicely: leave her alone, leave us alone for a while.”

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