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Charlene of Monaco moved to tears in Switzerland, shocked by her twins’ gift

During the visit of her twins Gabriella and Jacques on the occasion of the end of year celebrations, in her clinic which would be located in Switzerland, Charlène of Monaco would have burst into tears. A gift would have moved her.

At the Swiss clinic where she would be hospitalized, an establishment specialized in addictions located in Zurich, the first lady of Monaco would have received the visit of her husband, Prince Albert of Monaco.

The latter would have gone there on Christmas Eve with his adorable twins, Gabriella and Jacques, believes the British media royalcenter. The family reunion would have taken place before Christmas.
The heirs to the Monegasque throne would have brought with them some personal gifts including drawings, souvenir photos, and small toys they would have made themselves.

Princess Charlene of Monaco would have been moved to tears.
According to “Ici Paris” this time, the children would have been shocked to see their mother in pain.

“The vision of their mother would have been a huge shock. At 7 years old, in age to understand, they would not have supported the suffering of their mother “.

We wish her a speedy recovery and that she returns quickly to her family.

Stephanie of Monaco “mysterious”, her secret visit to Charlene “interned” in Switzerland

If Charlene of Monaco is so close to Stephanie of Monaco, her sister-in-law, who would have visited her in Switzerland, it is because of their very similar personalities. They would be both rebellious and mysterious.

After the magazine Gala, it is the turn of Gotha to feed their proximity.
If today, the older sister of Prince Albert of Monaco gives the image of a princess well under all reports, there was a time when she “worried greatly the princely family.

“She who followed a career as a model and then as a musician, and who has multiplied the relationships, with Paul Belmondo, Rob Lowe, Anthony Delon or even her bodyguard, Daniel Ducruet, whom she married in 1995.
According to Gala this time, the two princesses would also be difficult to identify, almost indecipherable.

Prince Albert’s sister was not a trophy wife, as one often sees in Monaco. She was not a schemer either.
The two sisters-in-law would speak the same language.

Princess Stephanie of Monaco would have always been benevolent with the former swimmer.

“Life has taught me compassion,” she confided, “I know that no one is safe from anything and no one is above anyone.”
“If people lived the life of a princess, even if only for a week,” said the Monegasque princess, mother of three. They would live much less. We are human beings like others with our sorrows, our joys, our laughter, our tears, “she said another time.
And according to the Italian media Dagopia, Charlene of Monaco would have received a visit from her sister-in-law in her clinic in Switzerland.

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