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Charlene of Monaco more ambitious than we think: Her friends come out of silence

The year 2021 will have been a trying one for Charlene. Held for many months in South Africa, because of an ENT infection, the Princess of Monaco has also been the subject of painful rumors. Today, old acquaintances correct her portrait.

A lonely princess in her palace, unhappy, stuck in a stifling royal marriage, to the point of fleeing to find her country of origin … Throughout her convalescence in South Africa, Charlene of Monaco has been the subject of intense rumors about the state of her marriage to Prince Albert. Even before she suffered a severe ENT infection earlier this year, the former swimmer’s increasingly rare smiles were the subject of gossip and concern. However, the 43-year-old princess would be far from the image that is readily given to her by the press…

The English magazine Tatler dedicates its January 2021 issue to Charlene of Monaco and comments on her misadventures of the last few years: “More drama than a soap opera. What does it take to be a modern princess?” A portrait completed with several testimonies, including former pool mates with whom Charlene Wittstock trained, before becoming a princess. We then learn that the mother of James and Gabriella (soon to be 7 years old) would not be so “naive” and that, on the contrary, she would be an ambitious woman who should not be underestimated.

When she was still swimming, Charlene Wittstock was known to be a focused sportswoman and hard on herself. However, far from being a loner, she was often well surrounded and even let herself go to “antics” sometimes. On the other hand, her former swimming buddies do not hide that they were surprised when they learned the beginning of her relationship with Albert of Monaco in the mid-2000s. Charlene Wittstock had never talked to them about this European prince…

She is very good at keeping her intelligence secret

Some of her friends may have been surprised to see her get close to Prince Albert, but far be it from them that she got trapped in this marriage. “Charlene is not Princess Di,” assures a source to the magazine. “She may seem extremely naive, but nothing could be further from the truth. She’s very good at keeping her intelligence a secret.” To the legend that suggests Charlene Wittstock tried to run away from her marriage to Prince Albert of Monaco at the last moment in 2010, this source adds, “I don’t think for a second she didn’t know what she was doing when she married him.”

Sad coincidence, the convalescence of Princess Charlene and the rumors of divorce that it has aroused came at the same time she celebrated – from a distance therefore – his 10 years of marriage with Albert. The latter has taken the trouble to deny these rumors on several occasions, without much success. It must be said that barely returned to Monaco in early November, what is more without her wedding ring, the princess has again left the palace to begin a new period of convalescence in a specialized center outside the principality. Very weakened physically and psychologically by her health problems, the former swimmer has found her family only for a short time before leaving them again, for an indefinite period …

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