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Charlene of Monaco: Loneliness, jealousy … these confessions of the princess who resurfaced

Absent from the principality for a month, Charlene of Monaco came out of her silence only to celebrate the 7th birthday of her twins Jacques and Gabriella. The wife of Albert II continues to be surrounded by mystery. However, the magazine Tatler has just republished a long portrait of the princess in which she expressed herself without taboo …

A click and again, the eclipse, the silence, the mystery. Treated far from Monaco for “deep general fatigue” for a month, Charlene of Monaco has fleetingly given sign of life, this December 10th, on the occasion of the 7th birthday of her twins Jacques and Gabriella. For lack of being able to share this day with them, the wife of Albert II shared pictures of their children and confided that she felt “blessed” to be their mother. Albert II said his recovery will take as long as it takes. Her father, Michael Wittstock, assured that she would come back stronger. Elusive statements that loosen other tongues: Charlene depressed, Charlene voluntarily mute, Charlene difficult to identify … The Tatler website, the bible of the European gotha, has done more effective, putting online a large portrait of the princess, in which she spoke, before her marriage to Albert II, in July 2011.

The words of the one who is still called Charlene Wittstock are eloquent, at the end of 2010. Their meeting, in the early 2000s? “I felt deep down that it was destiny,” confides the siren of the swimming pools. There is this evidence: Albert II is “the most charming, the most generous person” she has ever met, “an exceptionally good person”. “He is the man I have always dreamed of”, she assures. However, her installation in the principality, in 2007, was not easy. As Tatler recalls, at the time, Charlene had no official status, she had to live in a small apartment a few meters from the royal palace, there was no question of marriage yet.

“My friends are mostly my family”

Upon her arrival in Monaco, the prince’s companion, who was born in Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa and had a poor command of French, experienced above all a culture shock. “The people I met did not understand my South African way of thinking, nor my humor,” she laments. Making friends was also difficult, because of her proximity to Albert II: “Of course I was not spared jealousy, but it was quite inevitable,” she continues to our colleagues of Tatler. I’ve met some wonderful people since moving here, but I consider them acquaintances at best. There are only two people I can consider friends. And then, at the end of the day, my friends are mostly my family. My mom and my two brothers are the only friends I need and can trust.” Seven months before her wedding to Albert II, which will be the talk of the town, Charlene is very transparent.

In this month of December 2010, engaged to the sovereign for 6 months, she makes a promise: “I was not born in Monaco and I was not born a princess either. But I will do the best I can. When I commit myself, whether I do it as captain of the South African swimming team or as the future wife of Prince Albert, I do it 100%. If I can change even one person’s life, then I will be happy.” Charlene’s happiness is just as important to the royal family today…

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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