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Charlene of Monaco “is not Lady Di”: a friend assures that she is free of all “constraints

If some believe that Princess Charlene does not feel comfortable in her place, others – mainly her friends – assure that she is where she wants to be.

Although back on the Rock, Charlene of Monaco, who is slowly recovering from her health problems, cannot yet resume her royal duties as before. Her absence from the public arena does not help to calm the rumors about her relationship with Prince Albert. But the royal palace does not care about these rumors. It must be said that they are usual. Since their marriage in 2011, Prince Albert II and his wife Charlene have always been criticized. The fault of the tense face of the future princess and her tears during the church ceremony. Some have imagined a marriage of convenience, or even forced. A heresy according to a friend of the former champion swimmer.

This theory, according to which Charlene of Monaco did not choose her marriage, her relatives do not believe it. A friend confided in Tatler magazine on this subject, advancing as proof the personality of the princess, who would not be the type to let herself be dictated what to do. “Don’t get me wrong. Charlene is not Lady Di,” replied this friend, who wished to remain anonymous, in the British magazine. According to her, Charlene is a “competitor”, who knows very well what she wants and what she does. And concludes: “The person I knew would never have been forced to do anything without wanting to.”

The pressure and rumors, a cocktail explosive

In the past, Charlene of Monaco had already explained about the emotion she had felt and her tears in front of the cameras during her wedding. She had said in the Times that the pressure of the ceremony and all the rumors about her relationship with Prince Albert had affected her a lot. “Everything seemed overwhelming,” she lamented. All these years, she has held on. She has fulfilled her role as princess and mother – her twins James and Gabriella were born in 2014 – with flying colors. But, in the background, the rumors continued to spread. She just learned to roll with it.

Photo credits: Jean-Charles Vinaj / Pool Monaco / Bestimage

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