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Charlene of Monaco is back: She has radically changed her hair color

Monday, November 8, 2021, Charlene of Monaco made a remarkable return to Monaco with Prince Albert and his children. Physically changed, the princess has also changed her hair color and adopted a brown coloring. A radical change

After 8 months of absence Charlene of Monaco is back with Albert and her twins Jacques and Gabriella. No more blond hair, the princess has changed her hair color, adopting now a chestnut or brown coloring.

On the photos published by the newspaper Monaco Matin, she appears wearing a protective mask, slimmed down and especially has sacrificed her blonde hair for a chestnut coloring. A trendy coloring this fall-winter 2021/2022 that she has never adopted for years, she who has natural blonde hair and had always adopted colorations remaining in this shade, sometimes passing to golden blonde or polar blonde. She has also now adopted a short cut, rather boyish, after years of square or her recent desire for a shaved haircut.

On the tarmac of the Monegasque heliport, Prince Albert II, the hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella welcomed their wife and mother with a gigantic bouquet of flowers. A reunion strong in emotion, because the couple and their children had not been reunited, all four, since August.

The family then headed to the Princely Palace. As a sign of renewal, Princess Charlene appeared with a new haircut and a chestnut coloring. In her luggage, she also brought a new dog from Africa, a male Rhodesian Ridgeback, still a baby, which she has begun to train.

The animal, named Khan, was given to her after the death of her Chihuahua last October. And he quickly took his marks in the courtyard of the Palace, playing with the hereditary Prince James and Princess Gabriella.

The return of Princess Charlene to Monaco closes a trying health episode for the sovereign’s wife. Last March, the princess had left for a few days in South Africa. An ENT infection, contracted on the spot, forced her to stay in the country and to undergo several interventions under general anesthesia, during these last eight months, to find the way to recovery.

Photo credits : Photo Jean-François Ottonello/ Claudia Albuquerque / Bestimage

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  1. So glad they are united. Together they will overcome ever trial .. you are in our prayers Princess Charlene.. So nice to read that your Sister in Law, is there for you.

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