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Charlene of Monaco interned: The wink of her twins Jacques and Gabriella

Jacques and Gabriella think more than ever of their mother. While they had the beautiful surprise to find her at the beginning of November 2021, they must continue to move forward without her. Indeed, Charlene of Monaco left to rest far from the Rock. But her children had a thought for her.

Far from the eyes but not far from the heart. It is in any case what Jacques and Gabriella, the children of Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert think. While they spent many months far from their mother, who was blocked in South Africa because of an infection of the ORL sphere, they have the goodhur to find her at the beginning of November 2021. A reunion that did not last long because the princess went to convalesce away from the rock. “Their serene highnesses have agreed together that a period of calm and rest was necessary for the proper recovery of the health of the princess,” it was announced in an official statement unveiled by the Palace. Since then, there is not a single day without the children, who will celebrate their seventh birthday on December 10, 2021, not thinking about their mother.

On November 19, 2021, at the time of the national holiday, they had posted signs from the balcony of the Palace with these inscriptions: “We miss you mom”, had indicated Gabriella of its childish writing, “We love you mom” had indicated as for him its twin. On Wednesday, November 24, 2021, the children once again had a delicate thought for the one who gave them life. With Prince Albert II, their classmates from the first grade and a class of second graders, they planted a tree on the terraces of the Casino to celebrate the centenary of the creation of the Soroptimist club.

Charlene of Monaco’s children are thinking of her

It is an organization that aims to improve the living conditions of women and girls. But it is not just any tree that has been chosen. Indeed, the twins decided to plant a Jacaranda from South Africa, a wink to the absent princess.

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