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Charlene of Monaco interned abroad – the real reason for her unhappiness in the principality

If Charlene of Monaco has never managed to find her place in the principality, it is because of the language barrier. Caroline of Monaco, perceived as her rival, would not be for nothing.

The language barrier has thwarted the good understanding between the wife of Prince Albert of Monaco and the Monegasques. Originally from South Africa, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella would have been blocked by the language barrier, explains a royal specialist, quoted by the British media The Express.

Maddalena Mastrostefano, a keen observer of European royal families, was asked about Charlene of Monaco.

She left the principality just days after returning from South Africa, where she had been isolated for eight months due to an ENT infection.
Struggling with extreme fatigue, Charlene of Monaco is being treated in a strange way, perhaps in a specialized center in Switzerland.

“We recently saw Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall undertake tours, one to Jordan and Egypt,” she explains. “Prince William and Kate undertook a trip to Pakistan, which was difficult because they had to wear bulletproof vests.

“This is part of their duty, promoting their own country abroad,” she continues before mentioning the case of the Monegasque princess.
“There was a language barrier, she had not been heard speaking French for a long time, until the famous speech in which she said to her husband: ‘You are the Prince of my heart,'” she explains.

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