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Charlene of Monaco in tears during a lunch? This uncomfortable story

While Charlene of Monaco is convalescing away from Monaco, her new eclipse is loosening tongues. Despite Albert II’s recent pronouncements on the strength of their marriage, one account portrays a princess who has been unhappy for several years.

“Our couple is not in danger.” Albert II of Monaco has been steadily reassuring since Charlene’s voluntary admission to a specialized facility for a “deep state of general fatigue.” Although announced, the absence of his wife on the balcony of the princely palace was noticed and again agitated the wildest rumors. The sovereign, we can no longer blame him, is very transparent: the convalescence of the princess outside Monaco may be long, and his return to the principality and to the twins Jacques and Gabriella, who know nothing of his malaise, will be with the permission of doctors.

Charlene would have been close to death during her 8 months of retirement in South Africa. Before joining the principality for the first time on November 8, the wife of Albert II, several times operated on the ENT sphere, was no longer able to eat with a straw, some sources say. Loss of appetite, insomnia, apathy: the sovereign himself recognized that these ailments had precipitated a medical supervision. According to the Daily Beast website, the princess’s unhappiness dates back longer. The American media claims to have had confirmation from “people close to the royal family” that Charlene was “deeply unhappy for several years.” One of them gives an account of a lunch, undated, during which the princess would have “cried throughout the meal.”

I did not understand why she did not get up and leave the table

“Albert pretended to be unaware that his wife was sobbing,” says this anonymous source, who witnessed the “extremely embarrassing” lunch. “I didn’t understand why she didn’t get up and leave the table,” she continues. I concluded that she wanted her sadness to show.” Serious statement that reawakens that old rumor that Charlene tried to flee the principality before her marriage to Albert II, in July 2011.

The princess had the opportunity to deny this supposed attempt to flee and obtained reparations for this allegation damaging to her reputation. Likewise, she explained about her tears that surprised so many during her religious wedding. The Daily Beast website recalls her words to the Times: “I was overwhelmed by different emotions because of the rumors, the tension was too strong, I could not hold back my tears. And I continued to cry in spite of myself when I realized that the whole world was watching me cry.” Justification that struggles to convince obviously …

Photo credits: Olivier Huitel / Pool Restreint Monaco / Bestimage

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