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Charlene of Monaco in isolation in Switzerland – Christmas alone without Albert and the twins, it is confirmed

Albert of Monaco and his twins, Gabriella and Jacques, should celebrate the holiday season well alone. Princess Charlene of Monaco would not be of the festive season.

Prince Albert is supposed to have confirmed the absence of his beloved for several more weeks or months, reports an Italian media. The duration would depend on his condition. More question of taking risks.

“Of course, if it is true that Charlene is in Switzerland, it is likely that Prince Albert and their twins, will visit her,” the publication slips.
The visit would not be before December 25.

Very weakened and struggling with an immense fatigue, consequence of his ENT disease, Charlene of Monaco would be placed in isolation.
Albert of Monaco would be the only one authorized to visit her.
Of her condition, Prince Albert of Monaco spoke in an interview with Paris Match.
“Charlene was really exhausted. A general exhaustion, physical and moral. So much so that we decided together, and with our close families, that the best thing would be for her to rest calmly,” he confided.

Charlene of Monaco at the end, her dizziness summarized by Stephanie of Monaco compassionate

At the end, Charlene of Monaco is going through a difficult ordeal, and is trying to get out of it by getting treatment abroad at her request. Her situation was summarized by her sister-in-law, Stephanie of Monaco.

The confidence dating from some of the younger sister of Prince Albert of Monaco are taken up by Gala magazine.

“In this moment of dizziness, the words that “, Princess Stephanie of Monaco held in 2011, shortly after the marriage of Charlene and Albert of Monaco, “resonate with an astonishing accuracy”.
“Life has taught me compassion” confided the one who is often presented as the pillar of Charlene of Monaco on the Rock. They would be united by their passion for animals.

“I know that no one is safe from anything and that no one is above anyone,” she added according to the words taken by the weekly magazine.

“If people lived the life of a princess, even if only for a week,” said the Monegasque princess, mother of three children. They would live much less. We are human beings like the others with our sorrows, our joys, our laughter, our tears”.

Stephanie Monaco explains that the members of the royal family obviously suffer in the same way. “Except that we always suffer in public,” she said.

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