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Charlene of Monaco in isolation abroad – reduced communication with her twins

Treated abroad, perhaps in Switzerland, to overcome a physical and mental fatigue, Charlene of Monaco would not be in contact with her children. The communication would be very reduced.

The wife of Prince Albert of Monaco was absent on November 19 for the national holiday of the principality. However, she had promised to be present.

“The image of the twins brandishing from the princely balcony of signs on which were written “We miss you mom” and “We love you mom”, had moved the whole world,” recalled the magazine “Closer”.

In the meantime, whether she recovers in a few weeks or months, communication with her twins, Gabriella and Jacques, would be reduced.
Charlene of Monaco could not receive the visit of her children.
Only Prince Albert could visit her.

“They also know that we will have messages from her very soon
and that we will go to see her as soon as possible,” said Prince Albert of Monaco. And Closer to comment: “Yes, but “very soon”, and “as soon as possible”, it means nothing for children of 7 years separated from
their mother for too long “.

Charlene of Monaco: It’s just sad, Prince Albert well alone with the twins Christmas

For Albert of Monaco, life does not have the same flavor since his dear and tender, Charlene of Monaco, is treated abroad for moral and physical exhaustion. A sad Christmas in perspective with his twins, Gabriella and Jacques.

In recent months, because of the health problems of the Monegasque first lady, Prince Albert of Monaco has become a full-time father and mother. “And if he loves his children, Jacques and Gabriella, he recognizes that this double job is not always easy,” recalls the German version of the magazine “In Touch”.

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