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Charlene of Monaco in convalescence: Will she see Albert for Christmas?


Away from the Rock for several months, Charlene of Monaco is still recovering. With the end of the year holidays approaching, the Monegasques are worried: will Charlene be back for Christmas? Nothing is less sureā€¦

For several months now, the absence of Princess Charlene of Monaco has been worrying. First stuck in South Africa for eight months after having contracted a sinus infection on the spot, the wife of Prince Albert had left, only a few days after her return, to rest in a specialized establishment. Since then, she has still not returned to the palace. With the end of year celebrations approaching, a question is burning on everyone’s lips: will Charlene spend Christmas with her family in Monaco? According to an article in Le Point, published Monday, December 20, the answer is no. Albert “is getting ready to celebrate Christmas without his phantom princess,” it says.

This Tuesday, December 21, however, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella came out of the silence to wish a good Christmas Eve to the Monegasques. “I wish everyone a beautiful and safe holiday season. With all my love,” the former professional swimmer wrote. To accompany her message posted on Instagram, Charlene of Monaco unveiled a greeting card on which Internet users could discover a hand-drawn family portrait depicting the princess, surrounded by Prince Albert II and their two children, posing next to a Christmas tree.

Charlene still “in therapeutic retirement

Retired from public life since November 19, Prince Albert’s wife is still in convalescence. In “therapeutic retirement”, she is treated in a specialized institution far from Monaco, whose location is kept secret, because of a “deep general fatigue”, said her husband. This distance has caused the Princess of Monaco to miss several official events on the Rock in recent weeks, including the Monegasque national holiday and, more recently, the traditional Christmas tree at the Princely Palace. One thing is sure, as Christmas approaches, Charlene’s absence weighs more and more on Monaco, especially on the twins Gabriella and Jacques.

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