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Charlene of Monaco in a hurry to get treated: a countdown has started…


On December 14th, Charlene of Monaco will celebrate a very special birthday in connection with her foundation… That’s why she has to get back in shape as soon as possible to be able to participate in this great event.

Almost ten years ago, the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation was launched on December 14, 2012. What was its purpose? To help children in need around the world. A wish that fits well with the wife of Prince Albert II, who spent some time in South Africa. The princess follows in the footsteps of her mother-in-law, Princess Grace of Monaco. The latter had also created her own charitable foundation in 1964. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Charlene’s foundation, there will certainly be a spectacular event. The mother of Jacques and Gabriella will have to get well as soon as possible to be able to participate…

The Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, directed for a few years by her brother Gareth, has as its main objective to fight against drowning throughout the world. Its mission is to raise awareness of the dangers of water, to teach preventive measures primarily to children and to teach them to swim. The foundation’s activities also include sports activities to promote a taste for effort and team spirit, for example. “It is a priority for me to support and transmit these sporting values that I share with my husband, Prince Albert II of Monaco, to the next generation of young athletes,” Princess Charlene wrote on the official website of her foundation.

Charlene of Monaco Foundation helps more and more children

In May 2021, the foundation of the Princess of the Rock was able to celebrate a great victory. The General Commissioner for National Education, Youth and Sports of Monaco handed over a check for 3,000 euros to the foundation in favor of sports education for children in Ecuador. This sum was used to support the Pichincha Rugby Association in Quito. They were able to build the first rugby school in the country, as revealed by Monaco Tribune. A big step that must have certainly moved Charlene of Monaco, for the moment still abroad to take care of her health…

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  1. Perhaps if the media didn’t interfere with her and weren’t so so intrusive on every aspect of her life it would help, how would any of these hacks like it if they were under scrutiny. 24/7,the pressure is enermous particularly if one isn’t born into that life, so please have some respect and empathy!!

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