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Charlene of Monaco: How Prince Albert explained her absence to Jacques and Gabriella

Prince Albert explained that Jacques and Gabriella understood perfectly the departure of their mother.

After a long stay in South Africa, Charlene of Monaco made her big return to the Rock, on November 8, to the delight of his family. But the reunion was short-lived. A few days later, the princess was admitted to a specialized institution to recover from a “deep emotional and physical exhaustion”. This news greatly saddened her two children, Jacques and Gabriella. During the Monegasque national holiday, the twins appeared at their father’s side, drawings in hand: “We miss you Mom” was written on the drawing of Gabriella.

Understanding children

In his interview with “People” magazine, Prince Albert revealed how his children had taken the news of their mother’s departure, only a few days after her return from South Africa: “They knew she was tired. They knew she was tired, that she wasn’t quite herself. And then I told them that she needed time to rest, that she is now somewhere, not too far away, and that we will be able to go and see her one day (…) They know that she will talk to them very soon. They miss her, of course, but they understand. Children of this age understand.

Prince Albert also announced that James and Gabriella could visit him soon: “I can’t give you a timetable on that. Not in the next few days, certainly, but whenever we get the medical green light.”

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