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Charlene of Monaco: Her husband’s ex resurfaces and makes people talk about her


Charlene of Monaco was not able to attend the festivities of Saint Devote last January 27. For the first time, Nicole Coste, the ex-companion of Prince Albert of Monaco, chose to attend the mass of Saint Devote.

Princess Charlene of Monaco has just celebrated her 44th birthday, alone, last January 25. On Thursday, January 27, the wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco, 63, was absent during the festivities of Saint Devote. And yet, it is an unavoidable celebration of the Rock that the mother of Jacques and Gabriella, the twins of 7 years, has never missed. Since her return from South Africa on November 8 last year, the current wife of Prince Albert is isolated in a Swiss clinic. Charlene of Monaco has been recovering for months from physical and moral fatigue. The Monegasque royal palace has issued a statement so the last absence of Charlene of Monaco was striking.

“She is better, but still needs rest and tranquility,” the statement concluded. While their mother is recovering, Jacques and Gabrielle, 7, are often accompanied by relatives of Prince Albert II, like Stephanie of Monaco, 56. However, during the Mass of Saint Devote, an unexpected close friend of Prince Albert II of Monaco made a remarkable appearance. For the first time, Nicole Coste was present at the St. Devote’s mass, according to Royal Stories. The 50-year-old jet-setter is a well-known face in the Monegasque Principality. In fact, Nicole Coste is the former companion of Prince Albert II, the one with whom he shares his son Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste.
Charlene of Monaco faces her karma, says Nicole Coste

The former stewardess, Nicole Coste is known for her outspokenness. The former companion of Prince Albert II really does not lack air. The former companion of Albert of Monaco does not hide her latent rivalry with Princess Charlene. “I do not care what happens with her. Why should I care? Everything that happens to her is karma,” she had revealed to the Daily Mail. Confident Nicole Coste, 50, added: “The people of Monaco love me more than Charlene. They really love me and respect me.”

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