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Charlene of Monaco: Her eloquent confessions 7 months before her wedding to Prince Albert

The media Tatler published an article that he had published many years ago. The statements of Charlene of Monaco were already eloquent at the time.

Will the life of Charlene of Monaco ever return to normal? Treated away from the Rock, following her ENT problems, the wife of Albert of Monaco is still far from her husband and children, who celebrated their 7th birthday, this December 10. So even if she was not able to spend time with her children, Albert II of Monaco was keen to share snapshots of her toddlers and even explained that she feels “blessed” to be their mom. But Charlene of Monaco is still not recovered. The opportunity for the media Tatler to publish an article, written in December 2010, a few months before the marriage of Charlene and Albert of Monaco.

And the words of the one who is still called Charlene Wittstock are strong: “I felt deep inside that it was destiny”. Albert II is “the most charming, the most generous person” she has ever met, “an exceptionally good person. He is the man I have always dreamed of”. Yes, but her installation in 2007 in the Palace was chaotic, according to the media. Charlene had no official status and had to live in an apartment, a few meters from the palace. At the time she moved in, the culture shock was important: “The people I met did not understand my way of thinking, nor my South African humor”.

Charlene of Monaco: “Of course I was not spared jealousy”

The media recalls that it was then very difficult for Charlene of Monaco to make friends: “Of course I was not spared jealousy, but it was quite inevitable,” she continues with our colleagues of Tatler. “I’ve met some wonderful people since moving here, but I consider them acquaintances at best. There are only two people I can consider friends. And then, at the end of the day, my friends are mostly my family. My mom and my two brothers are the only friends I need and can trust.”

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