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Charlene of Monaco, forced return to the Rock, surprise at Caroline’s birthday


After a forced isolation in Switzerland because of her health problems, Charlene of Monaco would be in the process of making her big return on the Rock, maybe before the end of the month. A surprise for Caroline of Monaco?

After the magazine “Ici Paris”, it is the turn of the magazine Das Neue to feed this return.

Last December, Prince Albert, accompanied by his twins Gabriella and Jacques, would have visited during the holidays in a specialized clinic in Switzerland, where she rests.

And according to the German magazine, this visit was to gauge her condition before she returned to her former life in the Monegasque palace.
There was even a rumor that she could attend the feast of St. Devote, the patron saint of the Rock. A credible prospect.
Another rumor circulated that she could give a small surprise to Princess Caroline of Monaco, who celebrates on January 23 her 65th birthday.

The whole princely family of Monaco would be present, not only her four children and her eight grandchildren.

It would be a way to thank her for having held the role of First Lady of the Rock in his absence, and for having supported Prince Albert in his official representation activities.

Charlene of Monaco “infidelity” rather than illness, ultimatum to Albert

If Prince Albert multiplies the visits to his wife Charlene of Monaco, hospitalized abroad for depression, not to lose her. He would be scalded by the experience of another Monegasque princess whose story would echo that of the current Monegasque first lady.

Last December, “Le Soir Mag”, which reported the revelations of the American magazine Star, mentioned the possibility of a divorce.

“The magazine to affirm it alone, isolated in the Principality and tormented by the solitude and alleged infidelities of the Prince: “She would divorce and return to South Africa if there were no children.

Prince Albert of Monaco would be determined to save his couple, scalded by the experience of another princess.
Tatler indeed drew a parallel between Charlene of Monaco and Princess Alice of Monaco, Alice Heine, who is often referred to as the first American princess of Monaco.
She arrived on the Rock decades before Grace Kelly, the mother of Prince Albert of Monaco.
“Charlene’s story echoes that of another Monaco princess, who fled the principality because of infidelity rather than illness, and waited nearly a decade to marry her prince,” the British magazine says.
The marital crisis is fed in the background.

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