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Charlene of Monaco far from being “naive”: Her friends set the record straight


With the magazine Tatler, anonymous friends of Princess Charlene have revealed her true personality, which is finally very far from the public image she can give.

For its January 2022 issue, the British magazine Tatler has chosen to put Charlene of Monaco on the front page. As revealed by our colleagues of the Daily Mail, this Thursday, December 2, former friends of the princess have testified in their columns to reveal her true personality. It must be said that all eyes are on her, while she has recently returned to her family, after being stuck several months in South Africa because of health problems.

According to those close to Princess Charlene, she is “ambitious” and she “knew” exactly “what she was getting into” when she began her love affair with Albert II of Monaco in 2000. For those who think she is “extremely naive” and trapped in an unhappy marriage, her anonymous friends are formal, the former swimmer “is very good at keeping her intelligence secret”. Categorically, they believe that she “is not like Lady Diana” and that she has a strength of character.

A princess who could be “hard on herself”

To describe her, they use the term “ambitious”, referring to her sports career, and state that she should not be “underestimated”. A perfectionist, especially when she was a swimmer, she could be “hard on herself” to always aim higher. Regarding her love life, they assure that she always knew what she was getting into: “I don’t think for a second that she didn’t know what she was doing when she married him.” This reinforces the idea that Princess Charlene is a happy wife and mother, even if she is still forced to stay on the sidelines because of her health condition and rumors are rife about her relationship.

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