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Charlene of Monaco back with her family? These surprise pictures that sow the seeds of doubt


Placed in a specialized institution since her return from South Africa, Charlene of Monaco would she have found her family? This Friday, December 10, the mother of Jacques and Gabriella has left the doubt.

But where is Charlene of Monaco? Back in Monaco last November after long months spent in South Africa, the wife of Prince Albert left her family to go to a specialized institution. Because of a “deep exhaustion”, the mother of twins Jacques and Gabriella asked to rest far from the Rock and its agitation. And if very little information is circulating, both on his state of health and on the location of his retirement, Charlene of Monaco came out of his silence this Friday, December 10. On her Instagram account, she wanted to celebrate an important day for her family: the 7th birthday of her children. She published two pictures of her twins, unwrapping their gifts. Would she be back with her family a few days before Christmas? Impossible to know since she does not appear on the pictures posted …

“Happy birthday my babies. Thank you God for blessing me with such wonderful children. I am truly blessed,” she wrote in the caption. As a reminder, Charlene of Monaco has chosen to rest in an undisclosed location far from the Principality. “To preserve the tranquility essential to the improvement of her health, the place of convalescence of the princess will remain strictly confidential,” read the press release. In the columns of People, Prince Albert II had lifted the veil on the health of his wife. “She had already made her decision, and we only wanted her to confirm it before us. This is what she wanted. She already knew that the best thing to do was to go and rest and follow a real treatment medically supervised,” he explained.

Charlene of Monaco “clearly exhausted, physically and emotionally”

Prince Albert II then specified that “for reasons of confidentiality, it had to be outside Monaco”. “She realized herself that she needed help. You can’t force someone to understand that they need treatment, they have to accept it themselves,” added the sovereign of the Rock, brushing aside rumors about their marriage: “Let me say it: this is not Covid-19. And it’s not cancer-related. It’s not a personal relationship issue. And if you want to discuss any other speculation, it’s not related to plastic surgery at all.” To People, he described Charlene of Monaco as “clearly exhausted, physically and emotionally” and unable to cope with “official duties, life in general or even family life.”

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